Specialist Machinery

Brushwood Chippers

For the efficient disposal of branches and smaller diameter timber we use Brushwood Chippers. We have tracked machines to access rough terrain and machines that are towed by vehicles so debris can be chipped into our custom made vehicles. This produces woodchip that can be either left on site for use by the client or removed to our yard for recycling. The use of woodchippers is a fast and efficient way of clearing arisings from our sites and enables us to recycle a high percentage of what would have been waste. We estimate that 95% of our waste is recycled.

Timber Removal Equipment

  • Tractor and Winch
  • Custom timber trailer with crane
  • Telehandler with timber grab and bucket

With the above equipment, we can undertake jobs that require more than just ‘a man with a van’. It enables us to remove arisings from difficult to reach places, or even just allows us to complete jobs quickly and more efficiently which keeps costs down.

Stump Grinding Machines

We have a variety of different sized stump grinding machines that can dispose of stumps of any size in most locations. For difficult to reach areas or rough terrain, we have 3 different sized machines. We can remove the bowl of the stumps to a depth of up to 150mm without extra digging. Stump grindings are usually raked into a pile over the hole or removed, depending on preference.

For Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)

In accordance with current health and safety regulations where possible we try to carry out work using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform. This is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. The use of these machines is a fast and efficient method of working. We own a mid-range MEWP and we can hire more specialist machines as the situation requires.