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Our Hedge Trimming services include regular trimming to restoring overgrown hedges to a manageable size again. 

Hedge Trimming Services

From regular trimming to restoring overgrown hedges to a manageable size.

Cable Bracing

This is the installation of steel or synthetic cables in a tree to provide supplemental support to weak branches.

By choice Olivers Tree Services will install the Cobra tree support system. This is a synthetic cable that wraps around the tree and can be installed without damaging the tree. It allows natural movement of the tree and will expand as the tree grows. Where a more rigid system is required we will also install a steel system of either rods or cable.

Hedge Trimming North East

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Olivers Tree Services are based in County Durham, and provide commercial and domestic tree services across the North of England and Southern Scotland.

We provide specialist tree pruning, tree felling and stump removal services, as well as Tree Preservation advice.

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